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We as Lonely Mountain Farm are comprised of an excited bunch of farmers that are intimately connected through blood, love, friendship, farming, passions, and idealisms. Our farm has only emerged because of the continued support, reciprocity, and love of all those that believe along the way.    

    Composed of a diligent and excited bunch of farmers including Kenny Baker and sister Dawn Sternadel together with their life partners Molly Davenport and Tim Sternadel, prospectively. Additional support comes from Justin Outten, who staffs our local markets and can bunch them beets faster than anyone you know. 

    Since 2009 Lonely Mountain Farm has been organically growing many diverse types of vegetables while focusing on heirloom varieties and seed saving strategies in order to provide a unique and beautifully tasty booth to your local farmers markets. Recently, the farm has purchased 12 acres to homestead and literally put down them roots. With this game-changing event in our farming existence, we have been focusing on planting perennials- heirloom apples, Asian pears, persimmons, figs, berries, flowers and much more are coming soon! Our ultimate goal as a collective business is sustainability and our tools will continue to be biodiversity. We hope to flourish as an extremely small-scale certified organic farm. We love what we do and we hope you do too!

Lonely Mountain Farm 161 Pioneer road, Watsonville, CA  95076
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